Clickin’ It With Confidence Beginner DSLR Photography Workshop

I am so excited to be hosting my  “Clickin’ It With Confidence” Photography Workshop here in Southern Illinois.  So many people in the last few months have asked me, “Do you ever have workshops for Moms?” or “Will you show me how to use my new camera?”  Now is the perfect time to get them on our calendars, so you will be ready to capture your families in the summer!

Date:  TBA, Please email me when you are interested. I now do individual classes as well!

Time:  9:00-1:00pm

Location:  My home on Travis AFB


I know you all may have a lot of questions, so I hope I can answer most of them.

Who is this class for?
Beginners, hobbyists, and parents who want to take better pictures of their kids or those who want to know how to be smarter than your camera.   Digital SLR cameras (ones with interchangeable lenses) are preferred, but point-and-shoot camera owners are welcome too!

What does the workshop cost?

What will you be learning?
•  How all those crazy buttons on your cameras, what they mean, what they do, how they change your image
•  What the different types of shooting modes on your camera are
•  What is aperture/depth of field and how do you get that yummy, blurry background (This is what turns your images into MAGIC!)
•  How to compose a more interesting and “real” image
•  How to find great lighting without turning your flash on and how that lighting affects your images
•  Many easy tips about how to take “stress-free” pictures of your children
•  Lens suggestions for your DSLR.
•  How to make your images “pop” in post-processing using a free online program
•  How to organize your thousands of images that are taking up your computer’s hard drive

And probably much more!

What will you need for the workshop?
Your camera, any lenses you own, batteries, CF or SD cards, camera manual.  I will give you this list again in the follow-up email.

Will food be served at the workshop?
Light snacks as well as soft drinks and water will be provided.

Will the class end on time?
The class might end on time, but I will allow you all to stay as long as the questions keep coming.

What else should I know?
We will be having a live mini-shoot with models near the end of the workshop, so you can practice your new skills before you leave.

What if I have more questions?
If you have more questions please feel free to contact me at  509-475-8081. I also check my email frequently:  You also might want to sign up for the Clickin’ It With Confidence Advanced Workshop which is Part 2 to this course.  You will be shooting on full manual mode when you leave the advanced workshop!  If you are wanting to start a photography business and need advice on that, I have a great mentoring program specifically for new photography business owners.  Please contact me about my mentoring sessions.

How do I register?
You need to do two things to hold your spot at the workshop:
1.  Fill out this credit card information form for workshop payment.  When I get this form submission, I will charge the full $150 registration required.   Please be sure you can make it, as the fee is transferable, but non-refundable.

2.  Fill out this Registration Form and submit it to me.

With these two things I can hold your spot. If you would like to pay me by check, you can mail it to: Wendy Zippwald, 401 Arnold Ct., Travis AFB, CA 94535 .  Please fill out the Registration Form and submit it while the check is on its way!  There will only be 10 spots for this workshop and I know it will fill up fast!  I have to keep the number of attendees low so I can give each one of you as much attention as needed.


What previous attendees say about the workshop:

“Wendy’s “hands on” approach to using my DSLR was spot on!  She was warm and inviting and for someone who is technologically illiterate she made it all make sense.  I’m a hobby shutter bug at best but now my photos shine all thanks to her!”  ~  Sarah

“Wendy’s workshop took away the fear I had of trying to use my complicated, fancy camera.  Instead of letting it continue to collect dust I started using it to capture all of the special moments in my kids lives!”  ~  Angie

“The Clickin’ It With Confidence Workshop was an excellent experience for me as a new owner of a Nikon D5100.  I had zero experience with DSLRs, but with Wendy’s expertise, I could see the enormous potential that I held in my hands.  You managed to keep your workshop very professional and also managed to keep it extremely personal, answering questions as they came up.  I am now having a great time exploring all the different creative possibilities I have with my camera!”  ~  Keith

“I took Wendy’s Beginning DSLR workshop after using my camera for weeks by myself.  I tried reading the booklet that came with the camera but was really overwhelmed.  Wendy was friendly and very hands on.  She took me through all the basics and then some!  What I loved though was months later, I emailed her questions I had and she answered all my questions, with language I understood.  I wish she still lived by me so I could continue to take other workshops from her…I really need help with photoshop!” ~ Aimee



Cynthia - August 11, 2011 - 12:01 AM

Are you having any workshops within the Solano county area anytime soon?

Julia Smith - February 6, 2014 - 11:06 AM


I wish I could attend this class but I will be out of town that weekend. Please let me know when your next one is as this is something I am interested in doing.

Thank you.

Julia Smith

????????????? - May 17, 2014 - 12:03 PM

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