One more year (and probably not the last) of at least one Star Wars character in our house for Halloween. Cooper-a Clone Trooper and Caden, breaking the mold with-Optimus Prime!
They’re favorite thing about Halloween is certainly not the costume choice—it’s the candy!! If they had candy 24 hours a day after Halloween they would think they have died and gone to heaven. Too bad we then have to brush teeth 3-4 times a day!
Cooper’s buddy in the neighborhood was also a Clone Trooper and they didn’t know what each other had chosen until they saw each other that night. The moment of “looking in a mirror” was priceless!

No training wheels-x2

They did it! Both boys finally conquered the fear of falling to the left and right without the wheels. It all went down like this:

For those of you who know us well, Caden is and always will be our daredevil. He decided one night that he didn’t want his training wheels any longer (yes he is only 3). So we took them off and within 15 minutes he was riding around stopping and starting on his own.
Cooper watched the whole thing with amazement and decided if his little brother was doing it that he should probably give it a try. So we moved his wheels up, as he wasn’t ready for the full removal, and he took off with much trouble. And it is final-NO MORE TRAINING WHEELS AT THE OUR HOUSE!

Where does the time go?

Firstborn off to School

Where does the time go? Just yesterday Cooper was still waking in the middle of the night. He is now in Kindergarten and turned 6 all within a week. Kindergarten is going well for the second week. We really like his teacher and he seems to be catching on to structure and the sequence of his day. I am so proud of him!! As for me-the anxiety of not knowing what he was doing all day killed me, but now I have settled a little bit.

Cooper, Caden and his new friends at school on his birthday.

Caden misses his big brother tremendously, and just as I thought he would love playing with Cooper’s toys all day by himself, he has turned to “I need you to play with me Mommy”. We are working through that and his preschool started this week. He of course loves it and walks right in without saying Goodbye to me. He loves his teachers and “being a big boy at school”. As for me-I now have 5 hours of “mommy time” in a week.

The Queen of Krinkeland - September 19, 2007 - 10:11 AM

Cooper and Caden both look like such big boys! I, too, have been dealing with, “My baby is out of my arms and never coming back!” So, we can commiserate on that front. I enjoy being able to see what’s going on with your family, and may even get around to blogging on my own… someday. Our best to you, Scott, and the boys.

Yeah Swimmer!

Cooper finally is swimming! He has left the lifejacket behind. We are lucky enough to have a pool in our community, so he got “free” lessons from Daddy and now puts his head in and swims like a fish.

Caden on the other hand can’t wait for Daddy to give him lessons. “Daddy, my turn for lessons?” He loves his SpongeBob security lifevest, but is more and more wanting to be out of it. Poor little guy kicks so hard when he is swimming to me, looking at me about an inch or two below the water. He is my fearless one!

Disneyworld Complete

We have returned from our whirlwind 3-day trip to Disneyworld for Star Wars weekend at Disney-MGM. The boys were in awe of the characters they were “dying” to see. Both of them were stunned to complete silence with no expression at all. Needless to say, this could be misconstrued as “disinterest” on the parents side?? All in all, I think they were overwhelmed with the type of place their parents had taken them. So much to look at without knowing what to do. We completed the first day at a Character Lunch with Leo and June from Little Einsteins and JoJo and Goliath from JoJo’s Circus. This indeed brought smiles to their faces and much needed food to their bellies.

The second day we traveled to Animal Kingdom and shortly after entrance had a very fussy Caden on our hands. Needless to say within hours we found ourselves in the first aid station with a 102 degree fever. Since we had already done the safari tour and the Bug 3-D movie, we ate lunch with our friends Carrie, Matt, Natalie and Emma Hasson, who drove up from Tampa to join us that day, and then headed back to the hotel for a much needed rest time. Caden woke up from nap raring to go and never looked back, although I kept him on Tylenol for the rest of the 24 hours. Matt and Carrie, thanks for your trip up. It was so good to see you and I hope you all aren’t sick by now.

The third day we embarked on Magic Kingdom where we rode 10 rides before noon. It was hot, but the lines seemed to move faster than we anticipated. The boys loved the Indy Cars and could have done them over and over. By one o’clock we headed back for our afternoon rest time. To much disbelief that this was happening on our 3 days of Disney, we awoke to Cooper having the high fever and chills. We tried to make it to the parade at Magic Kingdom, but it just didn’t work out this trip. We vow to return in 5 or more years–and in October or November!!

Overall, we did what we set out to do, even with unforeseen illness. After polling the children about their favorite thing on the trip– our hotel pool was unanimous!