About the Session

1.  A typical session last 1.5 to 2 hours.  Newborn sessions may last 2-3 hours because we want to keep that baby happy, even if it means taking a break to allow for feeding or snacking.

2.  On-location means that I photograph you in your favorite places such as  your yard, your home, backyard pool, favorite park, etc.  Whenever possible, I try to shoot in the early morning or evening during the “sweet light” time of day.   I can also help with ideas for a location if needed.

3.  Usually I can get more genuine reactions of your children if you stroll away from the photo-taking.  I will sing, dance, do whatever it takes to get your child to show me that great smile and laughter.  Sometimes when parents are right there, the children “clam-up” into that “say cheese” mode, which I try to avoid whenever possible.

4.  If there is something sentimental that you would like in some photos, like a special “lovie”, blanket, toy or outfit, I would love to capture that in a few photos.  They add spirit to your child’s photographs.

5.  What should you wear?  Your child may have a couple items of clothing that they want to wear everyday (like cowboy boots and a Superman cape).  If this is something that you would like to remember, those should be part of a few photos.  I also allow a couple clothing changes for your little ones.  For family shoots, it always looks great if you are all coordinating, but that doesn’t mean matching.  Unless, of course, that is what you want.  Things to avoid:  logo shirts and bold/conflicting patterns.  I would be happy to consult with you on some clothing options.

6.  I know you will want your images as soon as possible.  This is why I am so strict on proofing and ordering.  Your proofs will be available within 3 weeks of your session.  From there you will have 14 days to place your initial order.   If you do not place your order within 14 days your online gallery will be removed from viewing.  There is a $50 charge to republish it again, once it is removed.  This type of agenda will keep everyone’s schedules moving smoothly.

7.  Finally, I want you to relax at your session.  I am well-aware that little ones won’t look at the camera for every photo. These types of moments captured are usually the best ones!   I want you to enjoy the fact that I am capturing real life for you.  Smiles, expressions, emotion- that you want to remember forever.

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